Remove Currency Restrictions

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When we eliminate legal tender laws, we allow Americans to spend money and accept payments in any form of currency they choose.  This destroys the monopoly the Federal Reserve currently has, and abuses, on currency.

When Americans can choose their preferred currency, they are free to choose to store their money in a form that won’t depreciate wildly whenever the government decides to spend more money.  That means your savings will still mean much more years later when you go to use them.

Ending the Federal Reserve also prevents irresponsible, cash-negative businesses from entering the market, making (fully expected) irresponsible decisions, and creating more frequent and more severe business cycles.  When the Federal Reserve is not allowed to interfere, successful business practices will prevail, business cycles will be smoother, layoffs will be massively decreased, and the economy on the whole will prosper.  This means your business will thrive, your favorite local business will thrive, and responsible business practices will drive market growth.

Ending the Federal Reserve also means ensuring that you keep more of the money you earn.  Your tax dollars won’t be thrown into damaging macro-economic practices.  They can be thrown, instead, into investments, new businesses, or alternative currencies, or anything else you want.

I want to make this country fiscally responsible.  I want to ensure that the economy is dominated by responsible business practices and currency freedom.  I want to prevent the severe downturns and recessions that the Federal Reserve has exacerbated.

I want a thriving American economy.  And so, if elected, I will sponsor legislation to remove all legal tender laws, allow freedom of currency, eliminate the costly enforcement of legal tender laws, abolish the Federal Reserve, and return your tax dollars to you.