Defund the Department of Education

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When we defund the Department of Education, we put a stop to One-Size-Fits-None programs like Common Core and No Child Left Behind, and we replace those blunders with parental choice programs that can actually work.

When you are allowed to make choices about the education of your children you can do research, you can find trustworthy sources to verify effectiveness, and you can mix and match styles of learning for different academic topics, or different ages of your child.  You, the one person who cares the most about your child’s education, will find much better programs than any third party could, especially when the third party doesn’t even know your child.

And what about college?

We also defund federal student loans programs.  But wait, that sounds bad!  Here’s why it’s the best thing for your child: Colleges can no longer charge insanely high tuitions.  When we eliminate the government’s ability to back student loans, 17 and 18 year olds can no longer get $40,000 loans each year.  That means colleges won’t have any new students. 

But they need new students. 

So they’ll lower their tuition to whatever a bank is willing to loan a student instead of government “assurances”.  Now your child can get a college degree for a fraction of the cost and enter the work force with little to no debt (forget those $100,000+ debt nightmares).

And what about jobs?

Now we have a populace educated by parents who care and make intelligent decisions, instead of by politicians who want to get reelected and make political decisions.  We have kids who grow up to be strong readers and writers, and who can approach mathematical and business problems with a developed understanding of problem solving and mathematical reasoning, and great ingenuity.  And those same students, now adults, have little to no college debt.

Those adults have brilliant ideas and passions.  They start new companies, hire employees, and boost the economy.  They join technology, food, engineering, or education industries and contribute to new technological advancements, healthier foods and creative fusion dishes, the next generation of artificial intelligence, or the future of educating the next generation even better than the last.  They help grow businesses that can then hire more employees; they help manage companies that no longer have to outsource overseas.  These adults make our country great again.

And as noted above, these well-educated adults bring new jobs into our economy.  They learn the skills of entrepreneurship and innovation from their parent-guided educations, instead of the obedience training of the government-misguided education system today.  People at all levels benefit from the business and jobs created by parental choice education.

And don’t forget the money.

When we defund the Department of Education and federal student loan programs, you get to keep more of your money that would have been collected in taxes.  You no longer have to pay to have your child educated poorly.  Now you get to keep your money and spend it on education that works.

I want a world where big government One-Size-Fits-None education (peppered with big government propaganda) is erased from our country.  I want American citizens to receive an education that makes them competitive on the job market, not one where high school graduates can’t do algebra and can barely read one sentence.  I want a country where an intelligent populace leads to positive decisions in business and international relations, not tariffs upon tariffs and endless massacres framed as wars.

I want to rebuild America to new heights.  And so, if elected, I will sponsor legislation to defund the Department of Education, end federally backed student loans, and return all that tax money to you.