Ensure Private Ownership

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When we increase protections for private property rights and sell all government-owned land, we help protect the environment, endangered species, and all industries dependent on the land or water.  We enable the people who care the most about every square inch of this country to own those inches and make the best decisions possible.  We also ensure that regulations and enforcement of those decisions will be effectively executed by the private owners of the land.

When you own something, you take care of it.  When a massive third party entity owns something they never see, they usually couldn’t care less about it.  Private ownership puts our lands and waters into the hands of real people or companies who will directly benefit from the prosperity of those possessions, and will therefore protect it.

When we sell government land, we substantially reduce the risks of tragic events like the BP oil disaster.  Around the world, when drilling is done on privately owned land, the instances of oil spills are massively decreased or, more often, nonexistent.

All this means that the water your children swim in won’t give them a disease.  It means the water you drink will be cleaner and the events in Flint, Michigan will not be repeated.  It means you will have greater power to seek restitution for pollutant damages, and that those damages will be less likely to occur in the first place.

Private ownership of land also means a substantial decrease in government spending.  You get to keep more of the money you earn and spend it on actually helping the environment, rescuing animals, preventing pollution, and protecting industry.  Or you can spend it on anything else you want.

I want to protect America from the biggest polluter the world has ever seen: the American government.  I want to ensure that every piece of land and body of water is cared for by a party with a vested interest in its prosperity.

I want a healthier Earth.  And so, if elected, I will sponsor legislation to sell all government-owned land, remove all laws that limit the liability of private property owners, and cut taxes accordingly.