Get Government out of Medicine

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When we eliminate the Food and Drug Administration, you and your family get access to life-saving drugs faster.  Previously inflated costs due to the ineffective requirements of the FDA will be eliminated and drug development companies will enter the market once again, seeking to develop cures and improved treatments for cancers and rare diseases.  That means your life expectancy increases, and those of your family members do as well.  You will be able to live a happier, healthier life with your loved ones, unmarked by the sorrows of preventable losses of life.  You get more hugs, more experiences, and more memories.

Drug development companies will also reenter the antibiotic market.  The growing risks of having no new antibiotic developments, to counteract the ability of bacteria to adapt and resist current medicines, will be mitigated.  You won’t have to fear every rock your child picks up and every doorknob you touch.  Companies will no longer have the same major disincentives to developing life-saving drugs, and you can live knowing that minor bacterial infections will be just that – minor.

Eliminating the FDA will also eliminate the insanely complicated impediments the FDA created that do nothing to improve the quality of drugs.  This means that fully tested drugs will get to the market up to 10 years sooner, instead of waiting in bureaucratic backlogs for a full decade.  And that means that the diseases that could have taken your loved ones from you before the release of FDA-delayed life-saving drugs, now won’t stand a chance.  The cures or treatments will be available to your family when you need them, not five years too late.

And if you’re worried about safety, you don’t need to; there are already reliable third party drug verification programs.  FDA approval, as expensive as it is, doesn’t even bother with third party verification.  As such, Doctors rely almost entirely on third party verification when making prescription decisions.  Further, doctors already prescribe drugs for off label uses. That means the drug was approved for one thing, and then prescribed for something else.  Thus, FDA approval is nothing but an expensive, scientifically unreliable, government formality.  So when we eliminate the FDA, we’re actually eliminating an organization that performs its one assigned task poorly and hampers companies from accomplishing their tasks at all.

When we eliminate Medicare part D, we decrease the costs of drugs to the consumer and taxpayers.  So not only will you have safer drugs in your hands a decade sooner, those drugs will also be more affordable.

When we allow foreign doctors to practice medicine in our country, we give Americans access to the best neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, surgeons, emergency room doctors and more.  When we stop requiring foreign doctors to repeat their residencies just to practice in our country, we ensure that every American has the best doctors from across the world and at home.  We ensure the greatest chances of accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and successful surgeries.  That means you won’t need to spend months or years in and out of hospitals, you’ll be back on your feet faster after surgeries, and your overall health will be in the hands of the most capable doctors the world has to offer.

Furthermore, when we defund the FDA and decrease barriers to market entry into the drug development market, we increase innovation.  Medicine will evolve to develop more targeted, more efficient, and more comfortable medicines, treatment practices, and diagnosis methods.  More jobs will be created, providing thousands of Americans with careers in the rewarding field of saving lives.  The economy will grow, and everyone, even those without sick family members, will benefit.

When we eliminate the FDA, you get to keep more of the money you earn.  You can use it to support the development of a new cancer treatment.  You can use it to take a vacation after your own rare illness is cured.  You can use your money for anything you want, and you will know that it is not being spent on bureaucratic nonsense that kills Americans every year.

I want a better medical economy.  I want to save the lives of people with potentially curable diseases.  I want to keep families together longer.

I want a healthier America.  And so, if elected, I will sponsor legislation to defund and eliminate the FDA and Medicare part D, eliminate all restrictions on the abilities of foreign doctors to practice in this country, and return your money to you.