End U.S. Involvement in Foreign Wars.

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When we stop acting as world police, stop bullying other countries into believing exactly what we believe, and stop our obsession with global hegemony, we stop creating vicious enemies.


We stop choosing sides in civil wars.  This allows countries to exercise self-determination and learn to fight their own battles.  It also allows the majority belief in a country to naturally present itself via the winner of the civil war.  Other countries deserve to make their own decisions, not to have the U.S. government choose the winner based on which leader is most willing to do American bidding.

Furthermore, we stop bombing other countries.  We stop bombing their hospitals and their schools.  We stop bombing families.  And when we stop bombing their families, they don’t hate us.  When we let them live the lives they choose to live and fight the civil wars they choose to fight, they no longer want to kill us.  They no longer hate America, Americans, democracy, Christianity.  They have no reason to hate us, because we stop giving the reasons to hate us.

And so, our country is safer.  We have fewer enemies, and since we massively downsized our military forces (because we no longer bomb hospitals and murder families) we are able to focus solely on defense.  The threats to U.S. lives are mitigated.

And what about our soldiers?

We suddenly have thousands of dedicated, disciplined, analytical soldiers coming home to our country.  That’s thousands of Americans who can spend their time building new companies and expanding existing ones.  Thousands of Americans who are more prepared than most for the world of business and entrepreneurship.  And those soldiers will create more innovation, more jobs, and a better economy.

And when our military is focused solely on defense, you get to keep more of the money you earn.  You get to spend that money at all the new businesses our soldiers create, or anywhere else you choose.  And you get to live guilt-free because you’ll know that your money is not funding the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

I want this country to be prosperous.  I want this country to make trade with countries, not war.  I want Americans to live without guilt, knowing their money cannot be spent on bombing hospitals and schools.  And I want to bring our troops home.

I want this country to be strong and safe.  And so, if elected, I will sponsor legislation to end U.S. involvement in foreign wars, bring our troops home, and return all that tax money to you.