Open Borders, End Welfare

Immigration Banner for Pres.png

When we open our borders and end social welfare, we attract productive human capital.  We invite people with skills, dedication, and ingenuity to cross our borders, build businesses, hire employees, and most importantly, to spend their money in our economy.

Instead of outsourcing and forcing workers to spend their American dollars in their home country, we can invite skilled workers to come here, do the same necessary job they were doing before, and spend their money at American businesses, thereby boosting our economy.  The more money spent at American businesses, the more growth we have, and that includes an increase in jobs.

When we open our borders and gain more skilled workers, we also need more skilled managers and executives.  These jobs are often held by Americans, so even skilled workers in America benefit.

Furthermore, immigrants bring a wealth of new perspectives on large innovations and small cost-saving corrections.  These perspectives help U.S. industries evolve and reduce costs.  The benefits of cost reductions can be enormous.

Take for instance a light bulb company.  Due to the keen insights of a skilled immigrant employee, they are able to sell their lightbulbs for $3 instead of $5.  That’s good for that company.  It’s also good for every company that uses light bulbs.  It’s also good for every American who uses light bulbs.  So that’s about 99% of the population that just benefitted from one immigrant’s experiences in overseas business.

And of course, America will become more competitive.  When we allow foreign workers into our country, we create the healthy competition that free markets thrive on.  We will no longer be able to engage in backwards, damaging education systems like Common Core, because if we did, we would no longer be able to compete.  That means that our education system will have to improve as a result of our open borders.  We would become a stronger, more educated nation with countless new jobs to choose from.

We would also spend less money in taxes.  Immigration laws are not cheap to enforce, and restrictions on work visas create a further drain on resources while blocking most skilled workers from growing our economy.  When we open our borders and end the social welfare programs that attract immigrants for the wrong reasons, we spend less money.  That money goes back to you.

I want this country to acquire as many great resources as it can, and human capital is the most valuable resource of all.  I want Americans to have more jobs and more money.

I want to remove the restrictions on a potentially vibrant economy.  And so, if elected, I will sponsor legislation to simultaneously remove all restrictions on immigration, eliminate all social welfare programs, and cut taxes accordingly.