Eliminate the Minimum Wage

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When we eliminate the minimum wage, you can get into the workforce early.  You can gain valuable work experience not just in supermarkets and clothing stores, but also in growing new businesses and clever startups.  You can learn what matters in business and what doesn’t.  You can make a more educated decision about the value of a particular degree vs. its cost.

That means you aren’t likely to go $100,000 into debt for a degree in Ancient Greek history unless you have a job that is promising to pay you six figures if you get a degree in Ancient Greek history.

And that means that you will be making much smarter life decisions than your peers without work experience.

When we eliminate the minimum wage, we reduce the barriers to your entry into the job market.  We also reduce the barriers to small business success.  New, small, growing businesses cannot always afford to pay workers high wages.  They sometimes need to higher workers at a lower wage, and free wages gives them the ability to do so.  Now more businesses will succeed, competition will increase meaning product quality and variety will increase, and more Americans can start their own companies and create jobs. 

You get more and better technology, more and better restaurant choices, more and better clothing choices.  Everything in your life benefits from more innovation, and you benefit from increased job opportunities and ability to bring your own great ideas to fruition.

When we eliminate the minimum wage, we also create competition that will encourage colleges to more successfully accomplish what they are intended to do.  High school graduates across the country will get real work experiences that actually prepare them for their future careers including a reputation.  So colleges will need to start providing real training in marketable skills, not just thought experiments, if they want to stay relevant.

When we eliminate the minimum wage, we also help individuals who have a hard time finding a job at a higher wage.  This includes former felons, people who lost their jobs or their homes, and people recovering from addiction.  Unregulated wages help these Americans get their lives back on track instead of on welfare.  Such a new wage system can save as much $40 billion in welfare every year.

And that money goes back to you.  You get to spend it however you see fit.  You get to support the economy, your family, your vacation fund, or anything else you want.

I want to grow small and large businesses.  I want to increase competition and jobs.  I want Americans to move away from dependence on welfare, and toward a rewarding career.

I want America to innovate.  And so, if elected, I will sponsor legislation to eliminate the minimum wage entirely and refund the unnecessary welfare money to you.