Illogical. Wasteful. Pointless.

House Democrats' personal behavior yesterday mirrored their policy provisions. Ignoring their expensive, tax-funded chairs, they chose to sit on the floor and prove to the world just how illogical they can be.

But sitting on the floor is still far more logical than their policy plans. The entire country knows that repealing "gun free" zone laws is the only way to prevent mass killings. And Congress refuses to consider repealing those gun free zone laws.

They will consider infringing on a citizen's natural rights without giving that person a fair trial...or any trial at all. But they won't consider repealing the laws that left people defenseless in Newtown, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, and Orlando.

Nearly 99% of mass killings occur in government created "gun free" zones. Repeal those laws, and make sure the next terrorist faces armed resistance.

Marking a zone "gun free" basically means "only criminals and terrorists have guns here." It literally advertises that the people in that area are defenseless.

Congressman Massie: Thank you for trying to sponsor legislation to repeal the gun free zone laws.

All other Republicans: what are you waiting for? You control the house. You could make America safer right now. You could turn the "soft targets" that ISIS loves into the armed targets that they fear.

You know who criminals hate the most? The police. And yet, even the angriest criminals don't attempt mass killings at police stations. When the targets are armed, potential killers think twice.

We've asked politely, and angrily, and everything in between. Please pass legislation to repeal gun free zone laws.

And if you cannot: just get out of the way. Dozens of Libertarian candidates have signed pledges to sponsor legislation to repeal gun free zone laws. If you're too afraid or just too illogical to address the obvious problem, get out of the way and let us do it.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee