Brexit: Truly Free Labor

Free flow of labor is great - but that's not what the EU provides.

The EU makes it easy to hire workers from within the EU. They make it nearly impossible to hire skilled workers from outside the EU. If you want to hire a skilled engineer from outside the EU...good luck.

In other words: you can hire anyone you like from 28 socialist factories of laziness. But it's much harder to hire anyone from anywhere else.

Dyson, for example, routinely needed to wait four months to hire the engineers it needed. Imagine the struggle of smaller companies!

Britain now has the option to continue that insane policy, if it wants. It can hamstring its own industries by preventing companies from hiring skilled and productive workers from outside the EU.

But it can also turn that policy around without any approval from Brussels.

While the rest of the EU prioritizes refugees, Britain can prioritize engineers. While the rest of the EU makes it easier for people to not work, Britain can make it easier to be productive. Britain can invite the best and brightest from the other 160+ countries. They can help grow industries and create more jobs for Britons.

Britain has its own socialist welfare and statist policies to fight. But if it can overcome them, it can become the center of growth and innovation in Europe.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Brexit: New Investment Opportunities

Brexit's effects on stock markets don't mean what many think they do. In fact, the short term stock market hit is just a sign that investors are figuring out which new, innovative companies to invest in.

The price of a stock is based on two primary factors: risk and expected return. A highly volatile stock with an expected return of 10 percent will be in lower demand than a highly stable stock with an expected return of 10 percent. Thus, while many investors are pulling out, most of that is coming from uncertainty, not from a lack of expected growth.

Much of that uncertainty comes from this: investors don't know which companies to invest in. That's actually a good thing.

When Britain was part of the EU, it was easy for investors to know which companies to invest in. They just had to look at the big, politically influential companies. Those are the ones with growth opportunities, since those are the ones that can manipulate EU policy to get unfair advantages. Those companies are huge and easy to find.

Now everything is changed. The best companies are no longer the ones with the most EU influence. They are the ones who are the most innovative and productive. The problem: right now, investors have no idea who the hell those people are. Is it the small family owned business that no longer has to follow EU restrictions? Is it the teenager whose brilliant idea no longer requires EU approval? Is it the group of university students whose startup can go ahead without EU permission?

During the next four years, Britain has the opportunity to allow natural innovation cycles to take place. During this time, venture capitalists will be looking for the next great ideas from the nation that produced Adam Smith, Newton, and Dyson.

Stock markets will probably pick back up, as investors find the market entrepreneurs who innovate goods and services, and leave the political "entrepreneurs" who just find ways to get unfair government favors. Although, in frankness, the non-producers in the stock market matter far less than the productive individuals and businesses who generate products and services.

If Europeans are lucky, other nations will follow England's lead. Instead of a single, oppressive, overbearing, monolithic government, Europe could have 30 laboratories of innovation. And within each country, entrepreneurial innovation would be a lot easier.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Free Trade

Free trade with a bunch of obligations and restrictions attached to it isn't free trade. It's trade with a bunch of obligations and restrictions.

Free trade simply means eliminating tariffs, trade quotas, and the like. A country can simply eliminate its own tariffs, and that presents a major step forward. That country can enjoy cheaper access to the tools of production, and thus become more productive.

As a simple example, Brazil and Argentina could eliminate their self destructive taxes on computers, and immediately allow their productivity to increase as more people have access to modern computers.

If you encourage other countries to also eliminate their tariffs, that helps free trade even more. But beware! Once you get into negotiations, you often end up adding a bunch of government wastefulness and burdensome obligations. Big corporations and big unions will demand special favors in exchange for supporting lower tariffs. Usually, those special favors end up costing almost exactly as much as the savings from lower tariffs. As an example, look at TPP.

The EU isn't free trade. With the EU, access to lower tariffs comes with major obligations and restrictions. There are the direct costs of the EU fees. There are the nearly guaranteed costs of bailouts (given that at least some of Europe's socialist economies are collapsing.) There are the welfare costs of having to support basically anyone who comes to your country.

There are the lost free trade opportunities with other countries. As part of the EU, Britain could not set up free trade agreements with other countries (e.g. the US). Free trade agreements had to be with the entire EU, or with no one at all.

Any divorce can be a little messy at first. But if you were married to 27 deadbeats, who felt that they had the right to barely work, retire at 40, and spend all of your money on their laziness...dropping that dead weight would help you out. And even if one of those 27 deadbeats (Germany) actually worked, you could still divorce the group and start a new relationship with any one of them individually.

Even better: you can now set up new relationships. You've learned not to share a bank account with people who lie about their finances and debts (Greece). You've seen that other people can get the same benefits without the burdens (Switzerland). You realized that the most successful people (U.S., China, Japan) weren't a part of your 28 person expensive marriage.

Britain is now free to pursue better opportunities. It no longer has the massive obligations of carrying around EU socialist deadbeats.

It may still fail. After all, Britain has its own wasteful welfare socialism to eliminate. But it will now succeed based on whether it embraces free market capitalism or welfare socialism, not based on whether other nations embrace free market capitalism or welfare socialism.

In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Peaceful, Nonviolent, Noncooperation

Long before Brexit, my Indian ancestors fought to leave the British Empire. Their strategy: peaceful, nonviolent, noncooperation.

Today, we Libertarians are fighting to throw off the meddling yoke of our own federal government. And peaceful, nonviolent, noncooperation still has a place.

In my own life, I run an unlicensed business, accept Bitcoin, and use Uber. I often buy prepared meals from unlicensed chefs (mostly grandmothers) who run their businesses from home without licenses. Just for fun, I routinely put trigger words into harmless emails and facebook posts

You can do the same. Do anything and everything you can to make it harder for the Federal government to control you. Underreport your income. Don't register for the draft.

Encourage your friends and loved ones to start businesses or get private sector jobs, instead of working for the government.

If your state won't allow homeschooling, attend a public school and make their lives difficult. Demand the most difficult and expensive services (e.g. unnecessary IEPs) to make their lives harder.

File as many FOIA requests as you can. Force the feds to burn up their resources, so they simply don't have anything left to meddle with our lives.

Opt out at airports. And when they deliberately stall instead of sending over a TSA agent, repetitively but politely ask how long it's going to be.

When dealing with any government agency, file any formal complaint you can think of. Make them chase their own tails following up.

Controlling people is difficult and expensive. At the height of the British Empire, they decided that the disarmed people of India were just too hard to manage. Exhausted and beleaguered, the British Empire gave up its "crown jewel".

Learn to use bitcoin. Try (recommended by Darryl W. Perry), and report none of it. Keep defunding government's ability to meddle and control.

The more expensive we make their attempts and immoral control, the more we burn their resources, the harder we make it for them to steal through taxation, the sooner they will give up. And then when we pressure them politically to reduce their meddling, the happier they will be to oblige.

They already caved on gay marriage. They are already caving on marijuana. Homeschooling is become easier in more and more states. Hell, they even changed the TSA scanners at airports. The harder we make their attempts at control, the happier they will be to cave on more areas.

Gandhi and MLK showed us this: you cannot control people who simply will not comply. If we follow their leads, we will reduce government's ability to control and meddle.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Brexit: Breaking up the Cartel

Monopolies are bad for consumers, because they increase price, decrease quality, and reduce choice. Cartels do the same. When a group of businesses work together to reduce consumer choice, it hurts consumers by lowering quality, raising price, and restricting choice.

That's equally true for countries. A large number of small countries, all competing with each other, is great for individuals. Individuals (and businesses) can choose where to go, based on the regulation, taxes, etc. of the country.

The EU is functioning as a cartel. High, uniform regulations and massive fees apply to everyone in the EU. And businesses and entrepreneurs cannot simply go to a neighboring competing country, because that country has the same restrictions.

Brexit is the first step to breaking that cartel, and eventually creating more choice. As the EU breaks apart, countries will engage in regulatory competition. That means that they will compete to have better, more attractive laws to attract the most productive people.

A single European cartel is good for large, politically powerful businesses that seek to politically and unfairly control the marketplace. It is good for politically powerful unions, who increase costs and hamper productivity. But is is bad for everyone else. The rest of us benefit from regulatory competition.

When countries compete for productive citizens, all productive citizens win. It gives us better options and more choices.

Imagine if governments had to compete for productive citizens by lowering taxes and reducing regulations on entrepreneurs. There would be more jobs and a better quality of life. Brexit is the first step in that process. I encourage productive individuals in all other EU nations to push for referendums, and to vote to leave.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Will America Leave NATO?

British citizens have decided that they will no longer subsidize the big government, socialist policies of other European countries.

Can America do the same?

Today, America provides much of the defense for its NATO "allies". Like the one A student in a group of dunces, America does most of the work in providing defense. Americans pay the most money for defense - more than the next several nations combined.

Because our money is used to provide everyone else's defense, other nations can use their citizen's money on other projects. European welfare, government pensions, government healthcare - all of that is subsidized by Americans.

But we can stop. We don't have to provide for the military defense of the whole world. Each nation is responsible for providing its own defense.

If America leaves NATO, that means Americans will no longer have to fund the military defense of NATO nations. Instead of paying for a military ten times as expensive as what we actually need, we could reduce military spending by 90%. We could massively reduce taxes - and actually become safer, since we would no longer be making enemies through military overreach.

As a nice side bonus, leaving NATO would partially defund European socialism. If European nations had to pay for their own defense, they would not have money for big government socialism.

We can, right now, shut down the vast majority of our foreign military bases, and bring the troops home. We can stop being involved in other countries' civil wars. We can become safer as we stop creating enemies abroad. And we can massively lower taxes, spurring economic growth and creating more American jobs.

The Cold War is over. We no longer need NATO. Let other countries pay for their own defense. It's time to leave.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee


What an historic day, as the UK decides to throw off the shackles of EU regulation, fees, and socialism. Britons will no longer have to pay for the incompetence, welfare, government pensions, and socialist policies of the rest of Europe.

Britain now has the opportunity to become a bastion of trade, innovation, and business growth. But that won't happen without work.

I ask my British friends, to first beware of cunning workarounds. The proponents of cronyism and socialism will now try the following. They will use economic scare tactics to try to browbeat you into accepting a new agreement...that will look the same as the old agreement. Fight that. While your economy transforms over the next months, there will be rocky times. That's what real economic growth, the kind that comes from productivity and innovation, looks like.

To those who will tell you that England is too small to stand on its own: nonsense. England has the opportunity to be a bastion of free market capitalism in a sea of socialism. What Hong Kong was to China, you can now be to Europe. Let the rest of Europe drown in its regulation, socialism, and unbridled laziness.

Any short term economic difficulty is just shedding a few crony capitalists and economic parasites. If you use this as an opportunity for freedom, innovation, and growth, you will be the great nation you can be.

Keep fighting for the next two years. I promise: this battle is not over. Cronyism and socialism will work hard to find a way to continue. Be fearless; reject any bad deals; and retake control of your own destiny.

Thank you for all the work you have done, and thank you for voting leave.


Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

House Avoids Action on "Gun Free" Zones

Illogical. Wasteful. Pointless.

House Democrats' personal behavior yesterday mirrored their policy provisions. Ignoring their expensive, tax-funded chairs, they chose to sit on the floor and prove to the world just how illogical they can be.

But sitting on the floor is still far more logical than their policy plans. The entire country knows that repealing "gun free" zone laws is the only way to prevent mass killings. And Congress refuses to consider repealing those gun free zone laws.

They will consider infringing on a citizen's natural rights without giving that person a fair trial...or any trial at all. But they won't consider repealing the laws that left people defenseless in Newtown, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, and Orlando.

Nearly 99% of mass killings occur in government created "gun free" zones. Repeal those laws, and make sure the next terrorist faces armed resistance.

Marking a zone "gun free" basically means "only criminals and terrorists have guns here." It literally advertises that the people in that area are defenseless.

Congressman Massie: Thank you for trying to sponsor legislation to repeal the gun free zone laws.

All other Republicans: what are you waiting for? You control the house. You could make America safer right now. You could turn the "soft targets" that ISIS loves into the armed targets that they fear.

You know who criminals hate the most? The police. And yet, even the angriest criminals don't attempt mass killings at police stations. When the targets are armed, potential killers think twice.

We've asked politely, and angrily, and everything in between. Please pass legislation to repeal gun free zone laws.

And if you cannot: just get out of the way. Dozens of Libertarian candidates have signed pledges to sponsor legislation to repeal gun free zone laws. If you're too afraid or just too illogical to address the obvious problem, get out of the way and let us do it.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Freedom and Innovation or Bureaucracy and Slow Growth?

To All My British Friends,

Do you want freedom and innovation? Or bureaucracy and slow growth?

Tomorrow you will chose complete independence, or continued stagnation. You can continue to be dragged down by the rest of Europe's financial incompetence, socialist wastefulness, and meddlesome regulations. Or you can become Europe's prime location for innovation, entrepreneurship, business growth, and new jobs.

The investors who are nervous? Let them be nervous. They don't understand how innovation and entrepreneurship works. They don't know that if the UK leaves, it will become a haven for businesses seeking freer markets and fewer restrictions (i.e., all businesses). They don't know that a Brexit means more entrepreneurship, more jobs, and more growth.

The old, scared investors don't know what entrepreneurship is, or what innovation is. To them, business is just about numbers on spreadsheets. They have never experienced pioneering innovations, brilliant ideas, and the creation of new industries. They aren't entrepreneurs and visionaries. At best, they are financial parasites. At worst, they are the toxic advisors that make you afraid of becoming as great as you can be.

They say Brexit is a risk. Obviously. Innovation and growth always involve risk. In Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, and London, great innovators take risks every day. Those risks create opportunities, jobs, and even entire industries.

Old and frightened investors may pull away from the pound sterling. So what? That just means British exports will increase in the short term.

As for the threats of retaliation from France: first, those are empty threats. They would hurt other countries far more than they would affect you. Realistically, you can expect something like what Switzerland gets (all the benefits, but none of the restrictions).

But even if you get completely shut out: so what? Look at the fastest growing economies in the world. Look at the cities with the most innovation, or the countries with the fastest growth or largest economies. What do they all have in common? They are not part of the EU. As it turns out, no one in history has ever needed France's help to innovate, grow economically, and create jobs.

Tomorrow, please make the UK the haven for innovation and economic growth that it can be. Please vote to leave.


Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Entrepreneur, Founder of Vohra Method