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End the Drug War, End the Violence

Imagine if you ordered a computer from a local electronics shop, and it never shipped. Would you go and shoot the staff?

Probably not. You might call your credit card company and cancel the payment. You might seek private mediation, or take the matter to court.

Even before you bought the computer, you might read online reviews about the company.

You wouldn't resort to violence, because there is no need to.

But drug businesses and customers don't have those options. They cannot call their credit card companies. They cannot read online reviews. They cannot report to the police, or take anything to court, or seek private mediation. Because of drug prohibition, their only option is violence.

They cannot report thefts or robbery. Anyone can rob a drug dealer without fear of legal reprisals. The only reprisal he fears is violent response from the drug dealer.

Ending the Drug War will allow those drug businesses and customers to settle their disputes without violence. It will remove the violence from the drug trade.

Imagine if drug related shootings could be replaced by credit card stop payments. Imagine if drug related robberies could be handled by law enforcement or insurance.

Drug related street crime would be massively decreased or eliminated. Neighborhoods and cities would be friendly to commerce and growth.

Republicans and Democrats have refused to end the War on Drugs. But Libertarian candidates have pledged to sponsor legislation to end the War on Drugs, Defund and shut down the DEA, release nonviolent drug users and sellers from prison, and cut taxes accordingly.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee