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Will America Leave NATO?

British citizens have decided that they will no longer subsidize the big government, socialist policies of other European countries.

Can America do the same?

Today, America provides much of the defense for its NATO "allies". Like the one A student in a group of dunces, America does most of the work in providing defense. Americans pay the most money for defense - more than the next several nations combined.

Because our money is used to provide everyone else's defense, other nations can use their citizen's money on other projects. European welfare, government pensions, government healthcare - all of that is subsidized by Americans.

But we can stop. We don't have to provide for the military defense of the whole world. Each nation is responsible for providing its own defense.

If America leaves NATO, that means Americans will no longer have to fund the military defense of NATO nations. Instead of paying for a military ten times as expensive as what we actually need, we could reduce military spending by 90%. We could massively reduce taxes - and actually become safer, since we would no longer be making enemies through military overreach.

As a nice side bonus, leaving NATO would partially defund European socialism. If European nations had to pay for their own defense, they would not have money for big government socialism.

We can, right now, shut down the vast majority of our foreign military bases, and bring the troops home. We can stop being involved in other countries' civil wars. We can become safer as we stop creating enemies abroad. And we can massively lower taxes, spurring economic growth and creating more American jobs.

The Cold War is over. We no longer need NATO. Let other countries pay for their own defense. It's time to leave.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee