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Peaceful, Nonviolent, Noncooperation

Long before Brexit, my Indian ancestors fought to leave the British Empire. Their strategy: peaceful, nonviolent, noncooperation.

Today, we Libertarians are fighting to throw off the meddling yoke of our own federal government. And peaceful, nonviolent, noncooperation still has a place.

In my own life, I run an unlicensed business, accept Bitcoin, and use Uber. I often buy prepared meals from unlicensed chefs (mostly grandmothers) who run their businesses from home without licenses. Just for fun, I routinely put trigger words into harmless emails and facebook posts

You can do the same. Do anything and everything you can to make it harder for the Federal government to control you. Underreport your income. Don't register for the draft.

Encourage your friends and loved ones to start businesses or get private sector jobs, instead of working for the government.

If your state won't allow homeschooling, attend a public school and make their lives difficult. Demand the most difficult and expensive services (e.g. unnecessary IEPs) to make their lives harder.

File as many FOIA requests as you can. Force the feds to burn up their resources, so they simply don't have anything left to meddle with our lives.

Opt out at airports. And when they deliberately stall instead of sending over a TSA agent, repetitively but politely ask how long it's going to be.

When dealing with any government agency, file any formal complaint you can think of. Make them chase their own tails following up.

Controlling people is difficult and expensive. At the height of the British Empire, they decided that the disarmed people of India were just too hard to manage. Exhausted and beleaguered, the British Empire gave up its "crown jewel".

Learn to use bitcoin. Try (recommended by Darryl W. Perry), and report none of it. Keep defunding government's ability to meddle and control.

The more expensive we make their attempts and immoral control, the more we burn their resources, the harder we make it for them to steal through taxation, the sooner they will give up. And then when we pressure them politically to reduce their meddling, the happier they will be to oblige.

They already caved on gay marriage. They are already caving on marijuana. Homeschooling is become easier in more and more states. Hell, they even changed the TSA scanners at airports. The harder we make their attempts at control, the happier they will be to cave on more areas.

Gandhi and MLK showed us this: you cannot control people who simply will not comply. If we follow their leads, we will reduce government's ability to control and meddle.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee