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Trump: Most Bullies are Cowards

In May, when speaking to the NRA, Donald J. Trump promised to end gun free zones.

But after the Orlando shooting, which happened in a gun free zone, Trump lost any and all political courage.

Instead of asking congress and legislatures to repeal "gun free" zone laws, he supported the immoral and unconstitutional "no fly, no buy" bills. Instead of working to make people safer, he chose to try to remove the rights of the defenseless without due process. Instead of fighting the powerful anti-gun groups, he chose to target those already victimized by the federal government.

Instead of opposing the wrong, he chose to target the weak. Instead of taking on the powerful legislators whose foolishness has enabled mass killings, he chose to target vulnerable citizens who have never been convicted of relevant crimes.

That's no surprise. Most bullies are cowards.

As a Libertarian, I believe in second chances. So I'm asking Donald Trump to stand by his own beliefs. Mr. Trump: you pledged to end gun free zones in May. Will you stand by that pledge now? Will you publicly ask your supporters in congress and state legislatures to work to repeal "gun free" zone laws?

If you cannot, let America know that your views have changed. Let supporters of the Second Amendment know that their only choice is Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico and Libertarian candidate for President.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Second Amendment Rights

You must be convicted of a crime to have your rights suspended. Not just suspected.

While Libertarian Gary Johnson understand this, Trump and Clinton don't. Trump and Clinton want to suspend the Second Amendment rights of people who have not been convicted of a crime...or even accused of one. These people aren't even on trial. And yet, Trump and Clinton have no qualms about suspending their basic civil rights.

This comes as no surprise. Trump and Clinton both support the Patriot Act and NSA mass surveillance, violating the Fourth Amendment. Gary Johnson and other Libertarian candidates are working to repeal the Patriot Act and end NSA mass surveillance.

Trump and Clinton are happy to ignore your right to a trial. They both support imprisonment without trial at Guantanamo Bay. Gary Johnson and other Libertarian Candidates are working to end this inhumane practice.

Trump and Clinton are happy to violate natural property rights through eminent domain and civil asset forfeiture. In fact, Trump has been the direct beneficiary of eminent domain property seizure. Gary Johnson and other Libertarians are working to reduce and eliminate these practices.

Trump and Clinton are happy to violate your right to self ownership through the War on Drugs. Gary Johnson and other Libertarians are working to end the War on Drugs.

The Libertarian view is straightforward. You don't lose your rights or property unless you are convicted of a crime. You cannot be indefinitely imprisoned without trial. You cannot be searched without a specific warrant.

You can do anything you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone or steal their stuff.

To learn more about the candidates that fight for all of your freedoms all of the time, please visit

In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee