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ISIS - Battle of Ideas

You can't bomb an idea.

Our current battle with ISIS is a battle of ideas, not against a fixed number of people. You can't block ISIS through immigration control any more than you can block the KKK through immigration control. Ideas aren't affected by borders.

The good news: we can win this battle of ideas. The ideas of freedom, political equality, and respect are better ideas than those of bigotry and violence. In the open marketplace of ideas, our ideas will win.

Here are a few ways to win that battle:

1. Eliminate all trade sanctions; allow free trade. What happens when we open the richest market in the world to trade? People will try to sell to Americans, and that means they will have to advertise to Americans. They, their copywriters, their graphic designers, and their representatives will have to learn about American culture, values, and ideas. That exposure to ideas is the first step towards mutual understanding, adoption of better ideas, or even the spreading of great ideas.

As an example: at the 2016 Libertarian National Convention, one of the cameramen was so inspired by the ideas he heard that he joined the LP!

2. Lead by example. When the most powerful nation on earth uses violence to settle every disagreement, it tells the world that power=violence. If we lead through trade and nonviolence instead, the world will understand that power = trade + peace.

3. Don't create enemies. Bombing hospitals and weddings creates enemies. It makes ISIS's ideas more credible, and makes American ideas less credible. It helps ISIS recruit, and gives them a visceral enemy to point to.

Instead, pull out all American troops. Let ISIS collapse under the weight of its own incompetence, just as Venezuela is doing. Let the world see that the ideas of ISIS are just as stupid as the ideas of socialism.

4. Individuals: defend yourself and others. Anyone can join ISIS, the KKK, or other violent groups at any time - even a police officer. But if people are armed and ready, then mass shootings become much harder.

Part of that is eliminating "gun free" zones. When terrorists know the people in an area might be armed, they are less likely to try a mass killing. And if they do attempt a mass killing, they are often quickly stopped:…/do-civilians-with-guns-ev…/

Vote Libertarian, and let's make America safer.

In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee