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Will America Leave NATO?

British citizens have decided that they will no longer subsidize the big government, socialist policies of other European countries.

Can America do the same?

Today, America provides much of the defense for its NATO "allies". Like the one A student in a group of dunces, America does most of the work in providing defense. Americans pay the most money for defense - more than the next several nations combined.

Because our money is used to provide everyone else's defense, other nations can use their citizen's money on other projects. European welfare, government pensions, government healthcare - all of that is subsidized by Americans.

But we can stop. We don't have to provide for the military defense of the whole world. Each nation is responsible for providing its own defense.

If America leaves NATO, that means Americans will no longer have to fund the military defense of NATO nations. Instead of paying for a military ten times as expensive as what we actually need, we could reduce military spending by 90%. We could massively reduce taxes - and actually become safer, since we would no longer be making enemies through military overreach.

As a nice side bonus, leaving NATO would partially defund European socialism. If European nations had to pay for their own defense, they would not have money for big government socialism.

We can, right now, shut down the vast majority of our foreign military bases, and bring the troops home. We can stop being involved in other countries' civil wars. We can become safer as we stop creating enemies abroad. And we can massively lower taxes, spurring economic growth and creating more American jobs.

The Cold War is over. We no longer need NATO. Let other countries pay for their own defense. It's time to leave.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Freedom and Innovation or Bureaucracy and Slow Growth?

To All My British Friends,

Do you want freedom and innovation? Or bureaucracy and slow growth?

Tomorrow you will chose complete independence, or continued stagnation. You can continue to be dragged down by the rest of Europe's financial incompetence, socialist wastefulness, and meddlesome regulations. Or you can become Europe's prime location for innovation, entrepreneurship, business growth, and new jobs.

The investors who are nervous? Let them be nervous. They don't understand how innovation and entrepreneurship works. They don't know that if the UK leaves, it will become a haven for businesses seeking freer markets and fewer restrictions (i.e., all businesses). They don't know that a Brexit means more entrepreneurship, more jobs, and more growth.

The old, scared investors don't know what entrepreneurship is, or what innovation is. To them, business is just about numbers on spreadsheets. They have never experienced pioneering innovations, brilliant ideas, and the creation of new industries. They aren't entrepreneurs and visionaries. At best, they are financial parasites. At worst, they are the toxic advisors that make you afraid of becoming as great as you can be.

They say Brexit is a risk. Obviously. Innovation and growth always involve risk. In Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, and London, great innovators take risks every day. Those risks create opportunities, jobs, and even entire industries.

Old and frightened investors may pull away from the pound sterling. So what? That just means British exports will increase in the short term.

As for the threats of retaliation from France: first, those are empty threats. They would hurt other countries far more than they would affect you. Realistically, you can expect something like what Switzerland gets (all the benefits, but none of the restrictions).

But even if you get completely shut out: so what? Look at the fastest growing economies in the world. Look at the cities with the most innovation, or the countries with the fastest growth or largest economies. What do they all have in common? They are not part of the EU. As it turns out, no one in history has ever needed France's help to innovate, grow economically, and create jobs.

Tomorrow, please make the UK the haven for innovation and economic growth that it can be. Please vote to leave.


Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Entrepreneur, Founder of Vohra Method

Gun Free Zones Are the Path to Safety

Has no one ever been enraged by a speeding ticket? By an unfair arrest? By mistreatment by the police? By a completely fair arrest?

The police draw ire from all kinds of people, many of whom are armed, deranged, and violent. Then why are there so few mas shootings at police stations? Is it that criminals respect the police?

Or is it that the police are armed? Is it that even the most deranged criminals on earth have the sense to not even try a mass shooting where the targetsare armed?

All of the recent mass killings have happened in "gun free" zones. Sure, there were other reasons that criminals picked those locations. Maybe they hated their parents, or minorities, or gays, or Americans, or the French. But at the end of it, they still chose gun free zones.

Or at least, most of them did. A few people, like the terrorists who attacked an art gallery in Texas, chose a non-gun-free zone. They quickly realized their mistake. The only two people killed...were the terrorists.

We can put an end to mass killings right now by eliminating gun free zones. Eliminating gun free zones can act as a deterrent, the way that armed police prevent mass shootings at police stations. Or it can just be a cure to the problem, as in Texas.

Terrorism and mass killings are a threat...but they are a threat we can eliminate today. By removing all federal, state, and local gun free zones, we can make sure that any potential mass killer meets armed resistance.

In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

How I Vote

Both politically and personally, I am an anarcho-capitalist. I oppose the state in all its forms. I believe there should be no coercive government at the federal, state, or local level, and that only small, private, voluntary governments should exist (if any).

As a business owner, I routinely circumvent or break immoral laws. As an educator, I encourage my students to develop the math and computer skills that will give them the ability to circumvent idiotic laws and taxes.

Even my business logo is inspired by the anarcho-capitalist logo ( you'll notice that the "C" has been extended down to create a lowercase "e", which represents education.)

In the first round of voting at the 2016 Libertarian National Convention, I voted for Darryl W. Perry. In the second round, I voted for...Darryl W. Perry.

In many ways, Gary Johnson's views differ from my own. His views don't represent mine.

You know who else's views don't represent mine? The programmers and designers I hire. The farmers whose produce I buy. The grandmothers whose unlicensed cooking services I patronize.

It doesn't matter to me that their views are different from mine. And it doesn't matter to me that Gary Johnson's views sometimes differ from mine.

The president isn't some guy I plan to worship. He's just a guy I'm hiring for a job. The specific job: get the government out of the way. Cut it. Reduce it. Dismantle it. Eliminate as much of it as you can.

I think Gary Johnson will cut government and empower individuals. His past behavior suggests that he will, his clear campaign pledges suggest that he will. I have every reason to believe that he will cut government when elected.

If something convinces me that one of the other candidates is more likely to cut government, I will immediately switch my vote. If someone convinces me that Governor Johnson will not cut government and no one else will either, then I just won't vote.

But as long as I remain convinced that Gary Johnson will cut government more than any other candidate, he's got my vote and my support.

In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Bernie: College Tuition

To Current Bernie Sanders Supporters,

Senator Sanders has argued that college debt needs to go. No one should be paying off college debt for decades.

He's right - but his solution isn't. The reason college tuition is so high is that anyone can get a huge federally subsidized loan to pay for college. But if there were no federally subsidized loans, or federal financial aid, college tuition would go down.

If students could no longer get those loans (that turn into debt) colleges would have two choices: lower tuition, or go out of business. Colleges would have compete with each other to lower their prices.

College tuition has increased at 3 times the rate of inflation because government subsidies have allowed and encouraged that. Remove those subsidies, and college tuition will go right back down.

Let's force colleges to innovate and lower costs by ending all federal college subsidies. And while we do that, I encourage everyone to consider prestigious alternatives to college. If you like math, consider the actuarial exams. Passing just one virtually guarantees employment. If you like the humanities, consider the Foreign Service Officer's Test. Passing that proves to any employer that you have the broad base of knowledge you need. And if you just love to learn, and don't care about prestige, consider Coursera and MIT's OpenCourseWare (both free).

If you want to allow the free market to force colleges to lower tuition, to make student debt a thing of the past, please consider learning about the Libertarian Party, and our presidential candidate, former governor Gary Johnson.

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Author, Lies, Damned Lies, and College Admissions