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Sell Sovereignty Rights

Imagine if you knew someone with a house made of solid gold. Imagine if he had run out of food, and had no income. Would you buy him food for the next ten years? Or would you suggest he sell a small piece of his house, and pay for his own food?

Right now, many countries are in a similar position. Venezuela and Greece are the most well known, but dozens of other countries are struggling and demanding foreign aid.

But the fact is: they don't need foreign aid. They all have large quantities of the most valuable resource on earth: sovereign territory.

Normally, when you buy land, you don't also buy sovereignty rights. You cannot treat your house like a private country, setting your own laws, regulations, and taxes.

But any country can theoretically sell you those sovereignty rights. Sovereign rights over land have been sold many times in history. Obviously sovereignty rights are much, much more expensive, but that just makes them a great way for desperate countries to quickly raise capital.

Most countries have huge amounts of unused, state-owned land. Selling sovereign rights to that land to private companies would quickly raise billions of dollars in capital. For some countries, the sale of a small piece of sovereign land could eliminate their entire debt.

Other countries might consider selling sovereignty rights to current property owners. Those who already own large amounts of land or developments could also be interested in purchasing sovereignty rights.

Of course, the creation of new, private countries would benefit everyone else. How much would a hundred new Hong Kongs help the global economy? As private nations competed with public nations to offer better services, lower taxes, and lower regulations, it would force all countries to improve.

Citizens would also have more choice. You could choose to live in a private nation in which all drugs and all alcohol were banned. You could live in a nation where everything was legal. Because private countries would be smaller than public ones, you could easily leave or avoid countries whose rules you found objectionable.

Some private countries would look like Hong Kong. Others like Monaco. Others like Silicon Valley. And there would be plenty like nothing we've ever imagined before.

The U.S.government should first stop all foreign aid, and stop any direct or indirect funding of the World Bank or IMF. Then, encourage countries to sell sovereign territory, allowing the creation of many more private nations. Finally, we must politically pressure our own governments to extend preemptive and immediate diplomatic recognition to all new sovereign nations.

The benefits: more money for desperate nations...without IMF strings attached. More choice for citizens who want to move to an innovative, new nation...or a very traditional, conservative new nation. Many different experiments in governance, as we find new and better ways to run countries.

Small, private, entrepreneurial nations will revolutionize and improve governance just as much as small private entrepreneurial companies have repeatedly revolutionized and improved business.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

House Avoids Action on "Gun Free" Zones

Illogical. Wasteful. Pointless.

House Democrats' personal behavior yesterday mirrored their policy provisions. Ignoring their expensive, tax-funded chairs, they chose to sit on the floor and prove to the world just how illogical they can be.

But sitting on the floor is still far more logical than their policy plans. The entire country knows that repealing "gun free" zone laws is the only way to prevent mass killings. And Congress refuses to consider repealing those gun free zone laws.

They will consider infringing on a citizen's natural rights without giving that person a fair trial...or any trial at all. But they won't consider repealing the laws that left people defenseless in Newtown, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, and Orlando.

Nearly 99% of mass killings occur in government created "gun free" zones. Repeal those laws, and make sure the next terrorist faces armed resistance.

Marking a zone "gun free" basically means "only criminals and terrorists have guns here." It literally advertises that the people in that area are defenseless.

Congressman Massie: Thank you for trying to sponsor legislation to repeal the gun free zone laws.

All other Republicans: what are you waiting for? You control the house. You could make America safer right now. You could turn the "soft targets" that ISIS loves into the armed targets that they fear.

You know who criminals hate the most? The police. And yet, even the angriest criminals don't attempt mass killings at police stations. When the targets are armed, potential killers think twice.

We've asked politely, and angrily, and everything in between. Please pass legislation to repeal gun free zone laws.

And if you cannot: just get out of the way. Dozens of Libertarian candidates have signed pledges to sponsor legislation to repeal gun free zone laws. If you're too afraid or just too illogical to address the obvious problem, get out of the way and let us do it.

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Second Amendment Rights

You must be convicted of a crime to have your rights suspended. Not just suspected.

While Libertarian Gary Johnson understand this, Trump and Clinton don't. Trump and Clinton want to suspend the Second Amendment rights of people who have not been convicted of a crime...or even accused of one. These people aren't even on trial. And yet, Trump and Clinton have no qualms about suspending their basic civil rights.

This comes as no surprise. Trump and Clinton both support the Patriot Act and NSA mass surveillance, violating the Fourth Amendment. Gary Johnson and other Libertarian candidates are working to repeal the Patriot Act and end NSA mass surveillance.

Trump and Clinton are happy to ignore your right to a trial. They both support imprisonment without trial at Guantanamo Bay. Gary Johnson and other Libertarian Candidates are working to end this inhumane practice.

Trump and Clinton are happy to violate natural property rights through eminent domain and civil asset forfeiture. In fact, Trump has been the direct beneficiary of eminent domain property seizure. Gary Johnson and other Libertarians are working to reduce and eliminate these practices.

Trump and Clinton are happy to violate your right to self ownership through the War on Drugs. Gary Johnson and other Libertarians are working to end the War on Drugs.

The Libertarian view is straightforward. You don't lose your rights or property unless you are convicted of a crime. You cannot be indefinitely imprisoned without trial. You cannot be searched without a specific warrant.

You can do anything you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone or steal their stuff.

To learn more about the candidates that fight for all of your freedoms all of the time, please visit

In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Gun Free Zones Are the Path to Safety

Has no one ever been enraged by a speeding ticket? By an unfair arrest? By mistreatment by the police? By a completely fair arrest?

The police draw ire from all kinds of people, many of whom are armed, deranged, and violent. Then why are there so few mas shootings at police stations? Is it that criminals respect the police?

Or is it that the police are armed? Is it that even the most deranged criminals on earth have the sense to not even try a mass shooting where the targetsare armed?

All of the recent mass killings have happened in "gun free" zones. Sure, there were other reasons that criminals picked those locations. Maybe they hated their parents, or minorities, or gays, or Americans, or the French. But at the end of it, they still chose gun free zones.

Or at least, most of them did. A few people, like the terrorists who attacked an art gallery in Texas, chose a non-gun-free zone. They quickly realized their mistake. The only two people killed...were the terrorists.

We can put an end to mass killings right now by eliminating gun free zones. Eliminating gun free zones can act as a deterrent, the way that armed police prevent mass shootings at police stations. Or it can just be a cure to the problem, as in Texas.

Terrorism and mass killings are a threat...but they are a threat we can eliminate today. By removing all federal, state, and local gun free zones, we can make sure that any potential mass killer meets armed resistance.

In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

Bernie: College Tuition

To Current Bernie Sanders Supporters,

Senator Sanders has argued that college debt needs to go. No one should be paying off college debt for decades.

He's right - but his solution isn't. The reason college tuition is so high is that anyone can get a huge federally subsidized loan to pay for college. But if there were no federally subsidized loans, or federal financial aid, college tuition would go down.

If students could no longer get those loans (that turn into debt) colleges would have two choices: lower tuition, or go out of business. Colleges would have compete with each other to lower their prices.

College tuition has increased at 3 times the rate of inflation because government subsidies have allowed and encouraged that. Remove those subsidies, and college tuition will go right back down.

Let's force colleges to innovate and lower costs by ending all federal college subsidies. And while we do that, I encourage everyone to consider prestigious alternatives to college. If you like math, consider the actuarial exams. Passing just one virtually guarantees employment. If you like the humanities, consider the Foreign Service Officer's Test. Passing that proves to any employer that you have the broad base of knowledge you need. And if you just love to learn, and don't care about prestige, consider Coursera and MIT's OpenCourseWare (both free).

If you want to allow the free market to force colleges to lower tuition, to make student debt a thing of the past, please consider learning about the Libertarian Party, and our presidential candidate, former governor Gary Johnson.

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Author, Lies, Damned Lies, and College Admissions