Give You Back Your Money

Social Security Banner for Pres.png

When we end the Social Security program and give Americans back all that they put in, we give them the opportunity to invest in a reliable retirement that the government can’t steal from.

You may want to retire one day, and when you do, you want to be able to afford it.  If you put your money in any other program, you will have more money at retirement than if you gave it to the government, and you would be guaranteed that increased savings.  You would be making interest, a thing that Social Security does not provide.

When you keep your social security payments and invest them in a safe retirement account, it will always come with interest.  You will make money on the money you put away, and you will be guaranteed that money when you retire.  With the current Social Security program, most Americans don’t even get back what they put in.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court actually ruled that Social Security is not the retirement plan it was supposed to be, and you are not guaranteed to get out the money that you put in.  So eliminating a corrupt and falsified “retirement account” will benefit countless of Americans who won’t have to worry about losing their money due to government incompetence.

I want you to be able to retire happily, without fearing how much of your money the government is going to steal.  I want you to have the opportunity to invest in a safe institution that can guarantee you a return on your investment.

I want to give you your money back.  And so, if elected, I will sponsor legislation to sell off government assets, use the proceeds to return to each American all the money that he or she has paid into Social Security, and then shut down the entire Social Security program.